• 01
    Can Bioflon cookware be damaged with high temperatures?

    Yes. If the temperature is too high can burn out the food, cause stains and deform the utensil.

    An overheat can change the non-stick properties of the cookware.

    A moderate temperature is enough to cook.

    The temperature should not exceed 250 ° C.

  • 02
    Is it possible to cook without fatty substance with the Bioflon cookware?

    Non-stick coating allows to to cook without any fatty substance, or reduce to the maximum fatty substance, which increased the health benefits. Should not allow overheating of the piece.

  • 03
    How to wash Bioflon cookware?

    Before the first use is must be washed with a sponge, hot water and detergent and then oiling the inside with a little food oil or butter.

    After use wash with a sponge, hot water and liquid detergent.

    Do not use abrasive sponges and / or metal.

  • 04
    Can I use metal utensils with the Bioflon cookware?

    For a proper use of the Bioflon products avoid using metal utensils, use spoons or spatulas in wood or plastic to avoid damaging the non-stick of the products.

  • 05
    What are the reasons for the deformation of metal cookware?

    The thermal shocks can cause a deformation of the cookware, due to rapid metal contractions.

  • 06
    Is it dangerous to accidentally swallow a piece of coating?

    If the utensils are subject to inadequate use and a loose coating particle is accidentally swallowed, there is no danger.

    The particles are non-toxic and will pass through the body without being assimilated, like any other fibre.

  • 07
    Is it possible that the non-stick coating comes of?

    If the instructions for the use of the utensils are properly followed, is very difficult that the non-stick coating suffers any type of damage.

    Typically the non-stick coating comes out due to the use of sharp objects on the surface and also the overheating of the cookware.

  • 08
    Can all Bioflon items be used in the oven?

    The utensils with Bakelite or wood handles cannot go into the oven.

  • 09
    What should I do when the food begins to stick to Bioflon cookware?

    Bioflon utensils are coated with non-stick painting and are therefore, suitable for non-stick.

    However, if the utensils are not used in the most appropriate way, there is the possibility that food sticks to it.

    In case the food is sticking to the utensil, and the non-stick is not damaged, spread it gently, then rinse and dry carefully, repeat this process from time to time, in case of regular washings in the washing machine.

  • 10
    Is all Bioflon cookware compatible with the dishwashing machine?

    All of the Bioflon products are compatible with washing machines.

    However, with the time, detergents may discolour the utensil and also the exterior finishing of the product, however, this does not change the non-stick properties of the product.

  • 11
    Is it possible to recoat a Bioflon cookware with a scratched coating?

    No, because the non-stick coating should be production process and therefore cannot

  • 12
    Can Bioflon cookware be used on the microwave?

    No metal cookware utensils can be used on microwaves.

Pressure Cookers

  • 01
    My pressure cooker has no pressure!

    The lack of pressure is normal in the first minutes.

    The pot lid can be inadequately closed, read the instruction manual.

    The pressure cooker may not contain enough liquid, it must contain at least 250 mL (two cups) of liquid.

    The pressure regulating valve is not correctly assembled.

    Please read carefully the instruction manual for how to do this.

    The heat source is too low.

    To raise the pressure, the heat source should be on the maximum.

    When the steam starts to come out, reduce the heat source and start counting the cooking time from that moment.

    All the recipes require that the heat source is reduced once the pressure is reached.

    The gasket is not correctly placed, dirty or deformed and must be replaced.

  • 02
    How should I choose the capacity of my pressure cooker?

    - 1 to 4 persons: choose a pressure cooker with a capacity between 3L to 4,5L

    - 4 to 6 persons: choose a pressure cooker with a capacity between 6L

    - 6 to 8 persons: choose a pressure cooker with a capacity between 7,5L to 8L

    - 7 to 10 persons: choose a pressure cooker with a capacity between 10L

  • 03
    Recently I bought my 1st pressure cooker. What are your suggestions?

    Soon after the purchase, please read the instruction manual, starting with the section "First use", which will be shown throughout the procedure to do before using the cooker.

    And then read the second paragraph "When using" at this stage will know how to use the pan, then follow the paragraph "End User", there will check how to do after their first use.

  • 04
    What if the steam exits from the pot lid?

    Check that the lid is firmly closed and tight.

    Check that the gasket is correctly applied on the lid.

    Check if the seal is dirty, in case it is it should be cleaned.

    Check that the gasket is not damaged, if it is, it must be replaced.

  • 05
    Is the pressure cooker safe?

    The pressure cooker has several systems to guarantee a functioning safety, all instructions in the manual must be observed.

  • 06
    I can not close the lid!

    Make sure the gasket is properly applied on the lid.

  • 07
    What is the best way to clean the pressure cooker after being spotted?

    For models in aluminium, follow the manual's instructions "first use" using baking soda.

  • 08
    Which heat source should I use for my pressure cooker?

    Please use the appropriate heat sources. Read carefully the instruction manual in order to use the heat source suitable for your pressure cooker.

  • 09
    What is the time indicated to start calculating the cooking time of my recipes?

    The cooking commences from the moment in which the pressure control valve starts to release steam regular basis, producing a noise (hissing type) also steadily. Reduce the heat source and calculate the cooking time indicated in the recipe.

  • 10
    What is the right time, after cooking to open the pressure cooker?

    To open the pressure cooker the following instructions may be followed:

    - Remove the pressure cooker from the heat source.
    - Remove the control valve cover and let out all the steam.
    - After the decrease of all the steam, the cover can be removed by turning the locking knob in the opposite direction indicated by the arrow on the button.

  • 11
    What the warranty period of my pressure cooker?

    The Bioflon pressure cookers come with 2 years warranty against manufacturing defects for a use considered normal.

    This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, falls or blows.

    The warranty period is counted from the date of purchase and is valid with the presentation of the defective part and proof of purchase.

Instruction Manual

  • 01
    Aluminium Cookware Utensils

    Before the first use and always after using the piece, wash with a sponge, hot water and liquid detergent.

    Do not useabrasivespongesand /or metal.

    After use wash with a sponge, hot water and liquid detergent.

    Do not use empty cookware over the heat source and avoid thermal shock, for example, do not put under cold water immediately after use.

    Use spoons or wooden or plastic spatula to avoid damaging the non-stick interior utensils.

    The utensils with bakelite or wood handles, cannot go in the oven.

    Metal cookware utensils cannot be used in microwave.

    The aluminium used in our cookware are according to all food contact standards.

    For utensils that do not have cable or handles in bakelite or wood, the use of gloves or handles for its handling is required when the appliance is hot.

    For utensils suitable to ware frying oil, such as fryers, it is advised to use a proper lid.

    The bottom of the cookware must be, centred and with a size suitable with the disk of the heat source.

    When in contact with flame it should focus with the bottom.

Bioflon Ware